PhD Creative Writing (in progress)



a short fiction collection with objects as its main focus, along with a critical commentary on the use of objects in examples of English/American short fiction of the last two decades.

(PhD Creative Writing in progress)

by Maria A. Ioannou

University of Winchester, UK

October 2015 –

Supervisors: Dr. Inga Bryden / Dr. Neil McCaw


18-20 March 2016, an object-focused short story («I WANT MY HEAD BACK») written and published in greek, and presented as part of the project Blast from the past
09 October 2016 – «Objects as literary protagonists in short fiction» – Creative Writing Workshop within the framework of the 4th SARDAM: alternative literary readings festival
The creative writing workshop proposed by Maria A. Ioannou for the fourth SARDAM festival is focused on the topic of her ongoing doctoral thesis, namely the use of objects in contemporary literature, especially in short fiction, i.e. short story and flash fiction. Utilizing real objects as well as specimens associated with other Arts (paintings, photographs, short films) and drawing from contemporary Greek and Anglo-Saxon literature, this workshop aims to encourage participants to write about either personal items (and any obsession attached to them) or about objects around them (with their likely influences and symbolisms), and to transform them through fiction. This will occur in parallel to a presentation of and training in short story and prose writing techniques such as: Show don’t Tell, allusive writing style, use of the senses, alternations of perspective and narrator, effect of content on language etc. The body as object and the object as body will provide yet another aspect of this particular workshop, touching upon the concept of Phenomenology / Embodied Phenomenology. The workshop is not only addressed to people who write but also to those wishing to experiment with writing and literature, as well as people with a special connection to objects, either through their art or through their own life.


06-13 May 2017 / 7-day Residency at Lettretage, Berlin, Germany

Con_Text # 4 Maria A. Ioannou (author, Cyprus) & Momo Sanno (dancer/choreographer, Romania)

Main Event: 12th May, Lettretage, Berlin, 8pm / Free Admission

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(the project/performance was based on the short story «Philip», part of my PhD in progress)


06-08 October 2017 / presentation of PhD in progress / 3rd international Creative Writing Conference / Corfu – Greece

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